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Visual Insights


Behind the Camera

Photography wasn't my first passion, but it became my first hobby. Home from college for the summer, I picked up my parents' point-and-shoot camera one day in 2010. I shot all day around my hometown of Ontonagon, Michigan. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was a blast. I was hooked.

It sparked an interest to learn photography. After picking up a DSLR later on, I was fully involved in doing photography. During my studies as a journalism major at Central Michigan University, photography became another aspect of my work at the student newspaper Central Michigan Life. I also took my camera out and about, looking for something unique to add to my blog.


As one of the few "backpack" reporters — someone who writes stories and shoots photos of the assignment — I expanded my capabilities as a journalist. Photography enhanced my understanding of what storytelling is, and the ways a story can be experienced in a photo as it could if it were described in text.


I founded Visual Insights in 2021. The idea for the company came with an intent to provide photography solutions to businesses big and small. Product photography, staff headshots, office and workplace photos — anything to help a business promote itself in the market.

My photography passion has taken me from a point-and-shoot in my small hometown to the sidelines of Lambeau Field, shooting images of Green Bay Packers games that have been disseminated around the world. I've also been fortunate enough to cover the Detroit Red Wings. Storytelling is my specialty, but I also have ideas for shirt designs. So be sure to head over to the store and see what's new. Your support means everything!

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