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Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the first of my weekly blog updates! From now on, I’ll be updating on what I’m working on, things I experience while shooting images for the store, and answering your photography questions.

As a photographer, I know more than most people the value of the moment. Whether it’s looking back at images of loved ones no longer with us, photos of a high schooler’s fleeting years in prep sports, or a one-in-a-million sunset, the power of photography allows us to revisit those people and those moments.

After years and years, those captured moments tell the stories of our lives and the journey that brings us to this moment.

The pandemic changed everything. It prevented people from continuing to experience those moments with capturing. But now they’re back — mostly.

I started Visual Insights with a focus on commercial photography, but my store is open to everybody looking to add prints to their walls, and coffee mugs to their cupboards. I have years of stored images I’m wading through and planning to add in the coming weeks, so be sure to revisit often!

When I entered college, I had no interest in photography. I got into it as a sophomore and slowly

taught myself the basics — settings, shutter speed, f-stop, and so on.

The camera was my ticket into rooms and places where I dreamt of being. I’ve covered NHL and NFL games up close and personal, with my favorite teams included, where I’ve been shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s greatest athletes. My images have been picked up by the Associated Press, and have been seen by millions of people on every continent.

I want to use my skills and experience to help businesses, especially in Keweenaw County, get unique customized images for website/marketing use. My stock images are also available to everybody, for personal and commercial use.

I’m also here to help, and would love to give back. If you’re looking for photography advice, trying to get started in photography, please reach out.

As I said, this is the first of my weekly blog updates. Send along your photography questions to, or follow the link below, and I'll compile my answers/advice in an upcoming post.

Until next week, keep your batteries charged and your memory card clear.

— Adam

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