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Welcome to Visual Insights

We're a commercial photography and stock photo company aiming to deliver easy and tailored photography solutions to our clients. Whether you need stock photos for your website or marketing, product/service photography for products or services you sell, we got you covered.

Why choose Visual Insights?
  1. We care about your success. Simply put, Visual Insights exists to serve you. We're here to help you deliver results. We want to see our work help make a difference in what you do. We want to see, and be, part of your success.

  2. We are attentive. Effective photography means an eye for detail. It's the little things that make the big things happen. Chances are you came to us because you want big things to happen. We take care of the little things along the way.

  3. We are cost-effective. Our prices vary depending on the work and value of the work involved. There is no set price catalogue. But we won't break your budget. We have lower overhead than competing commercial photography solutions.

Who do we help?
  1. Businesses. Photos of products, office, staff headshots, and more. Our stock photos are also available to add character to your website, marketing and advertising projects.

  2. Personal customers. Our print products are available for the home and office. Framed prints, gloss prints, coffee mugs and more, you're sure to find something unique.

  3. New photographers. If you have questions about photography, or want advice on which camera setting to use, submit your questions at Our weekly blog will compile submitted questions that will help your work take on new life.

Why wouldn't you choose Visual Insights?
  1. You don't need it. Commerce is visual. We're all drawn to interesting graphics and strong design, things that convey your brand. We're here to help make your business identity more interesting, and grab more attention.

  2. You won't use it. If you're searching the web for commercial photography businesses, chances are you're already wanting or needing some work done for your business.

  3. You're not the decision maker. Tell the person in charge at your company about Visual Insights. If your referral leads to business, you and the employees at your business will receive 20% off at the Visual Insights merchandise store.


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